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Welcome to our Animation Training Institute known as Virtual Infocom (VIC), the industry’s leading provider of production-based training programs in animation and game development. The Animation Training Institute VirtualInfocom (VIC)is a division of Virtual Information and Communications ( that provides talent and production services to animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, architectural firms, technology companies, and corporations.

Virtual Infocom (VIC) plays a vital role in the animation industry by offering specialized training programs in animation, game design and development which bridges the gap between traditional academic learning and the level of skills required by the animation industry. Our mission is to cultivate and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of creative people and make them extremely successful using the medium of animation. We specialize in animation training as well as animation courses and game development, Mobile games courses

  • Layout Design
  • Visual Elements
  • 2D Animations
  • Story Boarding
  • Character Animation
  • Character Design
  • Action & story
  • BG for Game
  • Scripting
  • Game Engine
  • Procedural Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Application Development
  • ERP Development
  • Microprocessor technology
  • objective c and cocoa
  • mobile gaming
  • i-phone gaming
  • Visual Elements
  • Drawing
  • Cartoons
  • Color
  • Painting
  • Shadow Treatments
  • Design , DBMS
  • Security
  • SEO Concepts
  • OSI Layers
  • Web Treatments
  • Traditional Animation
  • Cartoons
  • Pre visualization
  • Digital Color
  • Characters
  • Coloring, Shades
  • Shadow and Views
  • Classical Animation

Why Study at Virtualinfocom?

Only VIC gives you a platform to execute your creative visualization. With expert faculty and facilities, VIC nurtures your ideas and portrays them on a commercial canvas. Apart from the application learning we also teach you the complete art of visual communication, and allows you to fly with your aesthetic. That’s VIC.

How Will I Benefit?

You’ll build a foundation in design concepts, learn through hands-on projects, get critiques from experienced designers, build portfolio projects to show prospective employers, and add credentials to your resume. And, you’ll earn a certificate from probably the only Professional institute in Digital art and visual communication.

Who Teaches at Virtualinfocom?

Courses are developed and instructed by a Faculty of industry-leading artists, designers and animators who share a passion for teaching. They bring together decades of professional and teaching experience to deliver excellent courses and instructional methods.

Who Studies at virtualinfocom?

People like you, from all across the country, come and join our different variety of courses, they meet, exchange ideas and learn together. Students range from absolute beginners to media professionals to veteran designers updating their skill sets. The only pre-requisite to join any VIC course, is the flair to design and innovate new ideas. The ideal qualification to join any of the VIC programme is 10+ or graduation.

Why are virtualinfocom courses

better than a tutorial?

Software tutorials are designed to familiarize students with the features of design software. VIC courses, on the other hand, are live, interactive and one to one with the faculty; our faculty teaches the features of design software in the context of real design projects with instructor feedback. And because VIC students learn the program features by working on actual projects, they build a design portfolio throughout their course.

What makes virtualinfocom


Well, our training module is 100% hands on, industry oriented. That is why, our curriculum has been designed with future requirements of industry in mind and that’s not all. We regularly update and revise our module not only to keep abreast of latest changes happening in the industry but also to provide our participants with the latest and up-to-date skill inputs. Our course is a unique fusion of theory and practical industrial requirement, which gives our students an advantage anywhere in the world. So, if you have got the inherent belief in yourself and wish to reach the top in the field of creative animation, game design, software development and web design, do rely on us.


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